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11 Free Training Video

With the release of 2.0, this office suite is getting closer to commercial office suite (for instance, Microsoft Office) with new features such as open document formation (odt), better user interface, new database frontend and enhanced PDF support etc. However the only drawback for users is that they are so used to Microsoft Office and it is hard for them to relearn and get use to a new user interface and functionalities. Solution? Training would be the ideal answer. NewsForge has released 11 free training videos under Creative Commons license
which covers some of basic areas such as installing, formatting text documents, calculating in spreadsheet, drawing images and making presentations. Here are the 11 lessons:

  1. Installing
  2. Creating and formatting text documents
  3. Adding graphics to a text document
  4. Saving in various file formats
  5. Previewing and printing
  6. Making a spreadsheet
  7. Calculating values in a spreadsheet
  8. Basic drawing functions
  9. Manipulating images
  10. Make a slide presentation in a hurry
  11. Adding pictures to slide presentations

NewsForge presents free training videos – [Newsforge]

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