How would you publish your own book, or even just write some attractive blog entry. Yes, you need varies things: Even with an idea, you need to find ways to express it. If you are self published writer in traditional way, things will tougher because you need to care about printing, design or layout. How to market your self published book? Self-Publishing Blog has 101 resources with links on this topic:

Should I self publish my book or, should I take my chances with traditional publishers? Should I focus on fiction or non-fiction? Would an ebook fetch better revenues than a hard copy? Hardbound or soft cover? Should I hire someone to edit my book, or should I avoid the book doctor? What do I need to know about book cover design and page layouts? I know that marketing and promotion are vital for success; especially for a self published writer – but what is the right way to promote? Is it a good idea to self publish a children’s book? Find answers to these and more questions here…

101 Resources for Self Published Writers – [Self Publishing Blog]

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