Lemonade Stand

The blog Business Intelligence Lowdown argues that to be an effective manager, you don’t need a shiny MBA degree, but just some common sense. They recap 101 principles and tips, which you might already learn from your lemonade stand business, but forgot about them. Categories include:

  • Self before service is the key here – Manage yourself first
  • Time and tide wait for no man – Manage each moment
  • The human side of resources – Master the art of managing men
  • Make every penny count – Managing money pays
  • Just do it – Managing tasks takes talent
  • Sourcing sources – Manage resources resourcefully
  • They are the reason your business exists – Manage customers confidently
  • Change is inevitable – Manage critical and chaotic crises
  • Aims and aspirations – Manage objectives objectively

Lessons from the Lemonade Stand: 101 Common Sense Management Tips – [Business Intelligence Lowdown]

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