david allen's getting things done book

It’s probably safe to say that once you get on the GTD [Getting Things Done] bandwagon, it’s hard to get off. The key factor being the necessity to fine tune your processes.To make things a little easier, a 100 step guide to becoming a GTD Master has been developed.

From The Basics to Mastery, you can follow the checklist to make sure you’re on the right track and see where you sit in the grand scheme of organized things.

We begin at

1. I have read Getting Things Done from front to back.

and end with

100. Work–and life–is ecstasy, bliss, pure joy.

But a clear favourite [that I’m looking forward to reaching] is Step 69.

I get frustrated with people who drop the ball on things, because I honestly can’t understand their perspective anymore.

Well worth the read to see where you are at. The Basics section does well to prioritize the steps that will get hitting the ground running, very handy for those of us just starting out.

The GTD Mastery 100 – [Duff @ Zaadz]

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