10 Tips for Making Time-outs Work


If you are a parent, here are some tips for you. When your child acts up and you need to discipline, is there a way to discipline and what sort of plan you should have to make it work? Over at Parenting Ideas, they introduced a child discipline called Time-outs, and best of all they have a list of 10 tips for making it works for you:

  1. Understand the purpose of using time-outs is to interrupt or stop the undesirable behavior of your child.
  2. Find a safe and suitable place for administering time-outs.
  3. Decide which type of behavior warrants a time-out and try to follow through consistently.
  4. Use time-outs for children who turn three year old and are able to understand rules
  5. The length of time-out should be appropriate to the age and the severity of misbehavior
  6. Use the timer of oven or alarm clock to help your child know when it is finished
  7. Must give a verbal warning
  8. Don’t overuse it.
  9. Be consistent.
  10. Remember to counsel your child when a time-out finishes.

It is interesting to see there are some psychological and logical thoughts in those tips. Go to the site and read the full article.

10 Tips for Making Time-outs Work – [Parenting Ideas]

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