Keith over To-Done has dropped down ten steps to get most out of meeting. Let me mention couple points which I think are key factors for effective meeting in here:

  • Invite only those people who will get something out of the meeting.: This is the most important. During several years I worked in the workforce, I have been called in meetings that I should not be at. I get zero value out of it. Meeting is one of the resource wasting activities in workplace if it is not done it right. If you call 5 people for 1 hour meeting, that is five working hours in total.
  • Have a detailed agenda.: An agenda is needed for attendences to know what is the meeting about. Even a simple list of topics will also work. Send it off along with invitation. People can decide if they are needed in the meeting or not, based on the topics.
  • Have a leader.: You will need a chairperson to lead the meeting to keep it on track. Chairperson needs to encourage any attendences to contribute ideas, or leads to avoid side-track discussions

Read the rest of the tips at To-Done.

10 Steps To Better Meetings – [To-Done]

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