The blog Bad Analysis shares their count down on why would people insist to make bad decision even they are clearly wrong. It is good read to understand them and avoid them (the reasons and people) at all cost:

  • We’ve come this far… (sunk cost bias)
  • Me me me! (egocentric bias)
  • That just proves my point. (confirmation bias)
  • That’s easy. (overconfidence)
  • I’m #1! I’m #1! (dysfunctional competition)
  • Mine mine mine! (endowment effect)
  • Watch out for sharks. (availability bias)
  • If everybody else think so… (conformity)
  • Lets go hard 8! (illusion of control)
  • He’s just a moron. (attribution error)

10 reasons people make stupid decisions – [Bad Analysis]

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