10 Interview Bloopers


You may be good at what you do, but still you have to make a good impression in the interview to score the job. Interviewers look for your performance in the interview for comparison among candidates.

Deborah Walker at QuintCareers has listed top 10 interview blunders – try to avoid those are you are one step closer to get the job:

  • Poor handshake
  • Talking too much
  • Talking negatively about current or past employers/managers
  • Showing up late or too early
  • Treating the receptionist rudely
  • Asking about benefits, vacation time or salary
  • Not preparing for the interview
  • Verbal ticks
  • Not enough/too much eye contact
  • Failure to match communication styles

Handshake is important because a firm handshake will show your confidence – as well as researching basic information on the organization before the interview, it shows your interest and your way of preparing important meetings.

Avoid These 10 Interview Bloopers – []

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