Ever wrote some articles online and they have hundreds of people bookmarking and linking, on the other hand others just left cold and no one seems care about? It is probably it is not “interesting” enough – or is it not good enough to mention. Chris Garrett introduces 10 different type of style of writing that can attract people’s attention and mention them. Ten styles are How to, Lists, Campaign, Interview, Review, Case study, Research results, What’s new/trends, Attack, and Ask the audience:

Ever get writer’s block? ‘Course you do, we all do at one time. Have you ever posted what you thought was a killer post only to get no response at all? We have all posted stinkers that were greeted with tumble weeds, I know I have. Here are ten proven post formulas to get your creative juices, and your traffic, flowing.

Nick and I were discussing last night about what posts work and don’t work. There is a little disagreement between us about what is important that I think we have resolved. Nick favours posts that illicit a community response, he likes to see lots of comments. Me, I like to see my posts read by hundreds of people, lots of links, tagging and bookmarking as icing on the cake. In the end I think we agreed the ideal is both. A post is probably most interesting when it is well read AND commented on. I think we should start using “interestingness” as a metric. Keep this in mind as you read this post to see how you can salt some of these ingredients through your posts to make your blog more interesting. Anyway, on to the list..

10 Killer Post Ideas – [Performancing]

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