10 Bad Money Habits to Break

10 Bad Money Habits to Break

If you want to save, some discipline is involved. Maybe not even some, but a lot. MSN Money runs through some bad habits that can slow your savings’ growth.

  • Spending without a budget.
  • Carrying a balance on credit cards.
  • Ignoring interest rates.
  • Not investigating disability insurance.
  • Failing to see how little purchases add up.
  • Not matching employer’s contribution to retirement. One of the biggest mistakes that lots and lots of people make, especially young people, is not investing in their employer’s retirement plan at least up to the point where they get the employer’s match,” says Simon. “By not doing that they’re leaving additional income on the table.”
  • Waiting until the last minute to fund IRA.
  • Paying everyone else, saving “what’s left.”
  • Not managing your investments.
    • Getting emotional about your investments.

    10 nasty money habits to kick – [MSNMoney]

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