Want to summarize your personality in a word? Try the quiz below and find out the one word that best describes you!

1. Other people want to...

Comfort you
Be with you
Be you

2. If your neighbor's house was on fire, you would...

Call 911 and then go over to help.
Be interviewed by the news.
Be panic.

3. Nothing could get between you and your...

Favorite food
Practice for your hobby

4. You can see yourself...

Making a speech in front of staff in your company
Driving cross-country alone
Taking in a foster child

5. Your best friend always says that you should become...

A movie star
A combat journalist
A doctor

6. Which do you think is more important?

Financial security

7. If someone stole your parking spot, you would...

Get out of your car and politely ask them to move.
Shake your fist at them through the windshield, then drive off in a huff.
Give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they're having a hard day.

8. What sounds like the most fun to you?

A roller coaster ride
A glass of wine
Mountain climbing

9. You're happiest when you're...

With one or two close friends
In a crowd


You just want to have a fun – and your idea of fun is a shot of adrenaline. You have no fear! Be careful out there.


There are things you want to do in this life and you are going to get them done. Your eyes are always on the prize. Never stop believing!


“If you want something done, do it yourself,” is your refrain. Being free and in control of your own destiny is more important to you than anything.


You are a truly kind person. You are always thinking about other people and those around you are always drawn to you when they are troubled. Remember not to always put yourself last.


You feel things deeply, sometimes too deeply. Even if you lead a quiet life, it will still be an exciting one, because even little things can make a big impact on you.

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Featured photo credit: Self reliant independent young adult male is faced with choices that will change and affect his life, and the lives around him in the world. via shutterstock.com

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