Some people are calling “Rude” by Magic! the song of the summer, but one man and woman saw a problem with the lyrics and sought to fix it. The original lyrics tell the story of a romantic young man seeking to marry the love of his life, only to get shot down by the girl’s father. He asks the father, “Why you gotta be so rude? Don’t you know I’m human, too?” Most listeners probably sympathize with the singer, but not Benji and Jenna Cowart.

The couple took to their YouTube channel to post a parody of the tune. Instead of the question above, Benji Cowart asks, “Why you gotta call me rude, for doing what a dad should do?” With their video, the Cowarts seek to show how protecting your daughter from a man who may not be in her best interest.

Now that we’ve heard from the boyfriend and the dad, I think we deserve to hear the daughter/girlfriend’s side of things!

What do you think? Do Benji and Jenna Cowart have a point?

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