In case you’re in an unhappy mood, or say you’re feeling grumpy, but desperately need to change moods because you need to accomplish things; you can turn to nice tunes, babies, or dogs for help.

You can lift up your mood and feel happier in a matter of minutes just by using those three mentioned earlier. You can do this through the help of dandy music; numerous studies have proven time and again that uptempo music can cheer people up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Latin, Reggae, or any other genre of music as long as it’s the upbeat kind.

What else can you do to have a cheerier disposition? Watch cute animal videos. Yes, pet lovers who always sneak in some time to open another browser at work (secretly) to view cute dogs or cats can now flash a smile of relief. Why? You may ask. There’s a new study conducted in Japan that proves workers who do this while working have come out to be more productive.

Still have doubts? Look at the chart and see if you can stop yourself from smiling.



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