Your Life Illustrated In Jellybeans


Breaking down the days of your life into jellybeans, sounds silly, but sometimes a silly idea is critical in helping us understand a complex concept. In this case, 28,835 days is a large number that is just too big for our minds to really grasp. When you are able to actually visualize the number of days the average person has in their life though, it gives you a better understanding of just how little time we really have on this earth -especially when you take out the parts of your life spent as a child and then commuting, cooking, cleaning, working, sleeping and doing all those other basic day to day activities.

When you see how few jellybeans are left, it’s easy to grasp the importance of making the most of your life and how much more you can do with your life if you live every jellybean to its fullest.

Original Source –io9

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