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Matthew Stibbe from Bad Language writes a post detailing the process and what to expect when trying to write (freelance) for money. What I like about the post is that it touches on marketing and business development, how much to charge, organizing your work, and editing. The article is written with the following assumptions in mind:

  • You’re not already a professional writer but a regular person looking to become a writer.
  • Writing won’t (initially) be your only source of income.
  • You want to be a freelance journalist not a poet, novelist or playwright
  • The basics like being able to read, write, punctuate, spell, use a computer, use the Internet for research etc. are not difficult for you.

In my opinion, this post is a great reference for bloggers that dream of leaving their “real” jobs to write full time.

How to freelance – [Bad Language]

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