Why Self Promote?

When you’re not good at telling people how good you are it can be hard to get the recognition you want. People aren’t going to assume you’re the best at something; you’ll have to let them know.

And we’re not talking about bragging. If you’re a freelancer you may already be knowledgeable in the fine art of self promotion and bragging rights, but for many it’s new ground.

Self-promotion is giving people enough of the right information that they can make a ‘buying’ decision. By buying decision, I don’t necessarily mean pay money for something. Buying could mean hire you, or form a relationship with you or to be your ‘goal buddy’ who you work with you on an exercise program.

A different example Brad Isaac at AchieveIt uses is if you were to take on a diet and your spouse downs “Twinkies and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream in front of your face”. How are they to know unless you have made it clear you have a goal of losing so much weight?

Self-promotion is letting someone know the benefits of ‘you’, whether it be being hired to a job or building a new network of friends and peers.

Winning Through Effective Self Promotion – [AchieveIt]

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