Why A Little Act Of Kindness Can Change The World


“If you give a little love, you will get a little love of your own…”

…so goes the song in the featured video.

It’s a foundational lesson to learn if you desire to lead a life full of meaning. You can own the most expensive cars, maintain numerous houses, and have a wonderful family, but if you have not imbibed this precept in your heart, you are missing the point of it all. A life of substance is not defined by material possessions, the highest academic degrees, or even positions of power. Life is so much more than those. Really.

The adage incorporated in this riveting series of scenes is an up-to-date portrayal of the old adage: “You reap what you sow”.

It’s a beautiful and up-with-the-times interpretation of the bible verse: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, Matthew 22:39.

Kudos to Krizovatka Olomouk and thanks to TheCorpfa for sharing the video on YouTube.

Featured photo credit: Act of Kindness/Krizovatka Olomoukvia

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