Laughter is the best medicine -really, it can help reduce stress, boost your immune system and prevent heart attacks. Of course, some types of laughter are healthier than others and some types are downright annoying for those around you.

This video shows over 30 different varieties, from the typical “clapper” to the disturbing “contagion.” Chances are that you’ll probably recognize your own laugh in the video, or, if you’re like me, you’ll see a few different laughs that you use depending on the situation or joke involved.

While you’re watching, you’ll probably also notice some of the incredibly annoying forms of laughter and while it’s good to be able to crack up without feeling self-conscious, if you’re a “mimer,” “baby waker” or use a “no-smile,” you might want to see if you could make your laugh a little less irritating to everyone else.


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Featured photo credit: reverses via Flickr

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