Which Social Media Should You Post That Thing You Want to Share On?


So you’ve got a thing you want to share with other people over the internet on some form of social media, huh? Okay go ahead that’s fi – no wait! You’re posting a picture of your morning bagel on Reddit? Nope, stop. Right we need to talk about this. Here’s an infographic from College Humour that’ll help you figure out where to post that status/ picture on the internet:

In summary, have you had an epiphany or found an interesting fact? That needs to go on Tumblr or Reddit, maybe Twitter if you can shrink a profound notion down to 140 characters. Are you emotional? Facebook or Tumblr is probably your best bet. Your joke can go anywhere really, although it’ll do better on Reddit or Twitter. All pictures of food: Instagram or, since you’re so pre-occupied with recording everything you eat, possibly that ‘Pictures of my edible friends‘ collage you’ve been making in your basement.

Where Should You Post That Thing You Want To Share? | College Humour

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