A relationship is not a bed of roses. As a matter of fact, a healthy relationship involving two mature individuals in love demands more than the usual young love’s near-sick adoration and sleepless nights of fantasizing about the light of one’s life. A true relationship requires great sacrifice.

In the video, the lead character, a suave pig, gets a kick out of devouring dozens of eggs every chance he gets. Obviously, he has an uncontrollable eggddiction to gobbling up eggs! However, when he stumbles upon a hot mama of a chicken in one of his eggspeditions, he was swept off his feet.

Will he give up eggs to be with the one (chicken) he loves? Hit play and see.

Video Credit: Christine Kim (christinelcim.tumblr.com/) and Elaine Wu (inspirale.tumblr.com/) from Ringling College of Art and Design

Featured photo credit: Chicken or the Egg/ Christine Kim and Elaine Wu via vimeo.com

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