Ways of using online Wiki and Introduction of Free Wiki Hosting


There is a new service called PeanutButterWiki which provide a free wiki hosting. Very easy to register, all you have to do is enter a wiki name you want and your email and you can have your wiki right away. It is password protected by default and also provide a backup facility that able you to download the wiki content in zip file. It cannot disable password protect as the moment so you have to give out the password if you want to share the wiki with others.

There are couple of good tips and ways on how to use Wiki:

  • Good tool to brainstorm ideas: If you are not familar with tools like FreeMind for mind mapping, wiki may be your best tool.
  • You can able to share information or collaborate information as a group
  • If you like GTDTiddyWiki but doesn’t like it is not server based software, you may like an online wiki which you can access anywhere with Internet access.
  • Sometimes I may prefer to use online wiki to store my research

It is all due to the fact that the way that wiki markup able one to edit content easily.

Register for a free Wiki – [PeanutButterWiki]

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