Tips from Memoirs About Illness


It’s somewhat interesting that the Happiness Project is posting about illness today, but when you read some of the tips Gretchen has pulled from her reading, you’ll understand better how it fits. Here are the first few:

  • For long periods of suffering, take it day by day. Don’t anticipate.
  • Being gregarious and upbeat wins you more attention from the staff. This isn’t fair, but it’s true.
  • A lot of living goes on in the course of dying. Don’t postpone things—like seeing friends—until you’re “doing better.” You may never do better.
  • If a friend is sick, show your concern. Don’t assume he or she will know, or will ask for your help. Caring silently from a distance looks like denial, or lack of concern, to the ill person.

Gretchen goes on to add her own tips and ideas. It’s her contribution that brings the piece around to information you can use to be happier, and help others be happy. Check it out.

Tips from Memoirs About Illness – [The Happiness Project]

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