This Bullying Experiment Will Leave You Speechless


Young kids and teens have committed suicide because they have been bullied, maltreated… Abused. The emotional whipping, tongue lashing, and physical beatings these innocent beings receive from monstrous bullies are sometimes unimaginable. At times, they’re even worse than the ones we see in violent films.

These young poor things, they truly suffer.

Let me tell you the sad reality… Bullying persists, and it keeps increasing everyday because of the reason you are about to see…

See what I mean? That’s why, at all costs, bullying has to stop. Not tomorrow, but NOW!

Get involved. Even just by sharing this video by Fousey TUBE, you can help. Our society needs you. Yes you. You can do something… Share this experiment; it might change the future.


Featured photo credit: The Bullying Experiment!/ Fousey Tube via

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