nature of ambition

A lot of us has gone through this process. We’ve found what we really love doing, so we devote our time and effort to try to turn what we love doing into a great success. If we’re lucky enough, we really can turn what we love into a successful or meaningful product, project or even business. But our ambition can’t be stopped, we want the thing to get better and bigger. We think we know exactly what we want but very often, our desire to want things to get stronger and greater is not so related to our original passion any more.

Like what Grant Snider wants to say in the above comic, I guess this is just the nature of human beings’ ambition. I’ll treat this as a process of our lives – finding our passion, trying to make it work, facing challenges, feeling lost, and at the end, realizing the whole process. I hope you can realize this process too, and won’t let your desire blind you from the true passion and real reason of starting the thing.

The Nature of Ambition | INCIDENTAL COMICS

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