Chances are you may have seen some of John Holcroft’s work before, as many of his thought-provoking illustrations have gone viral in the past. “My self-promotional work gives me a chance to experiment with my style and poke fun at various aspects of modern life and politics,” John has written on his Tumblr. Check out some of his work below and let us know – which of these wonderfully clever and sarcastic pictures do you find the most appealing or accurate?

1. Happiness Kit


Is there anything extra you’d place in your happiness kit?

2. Fast Food Again And Again


A big mac takes us minutes to eat but what it leaves in our body may take years to get rid of…

3. Everything Everywhere


It’s super convenient to have everything in one smartphone. But once we lose it we may find it much harder to live. Do you remember any of your loved ones’ phone numbers?

4. The True Meaning Of Christmas?


Are we celebrating Christmas or consumerism?

5. Packed Like Sardines


Sardines are packed in cans to earn money while we pay to be packed like sardines.

6. Under The Influence


Does alcohol really have such a huge effect on our lives?

7. Rooted


We know watching TV may not be really that funny but it seems that something makes us rooted to the seats. When was the last time you exercised?

8. Food Inc.


Have you ever grown your own food?

9. Disposable


Are you like anyone else in your workplace and can be disposed of anytime?

10. Always Outsourced


Outsourcing is so common now as it can save money. Even workers are detached and are like products which can be sold anytime.

11. Feed Your Facebook Ego


Why do you really use Facebook? To communicate with friends? Or to maintain your self-image?

12. The Middle Men


Who’s to blame?

13. Income Turns Into Waste Immediately


We always spend faster than we earn.

14. Snakes Are Ladders


If there is no snake, is it still a must to climb the ladder?

15. Body And Mind Being Separate Entities


Physically we may be trapped but inside our mind we can fly freely. Can both of our bodies and minds be free?

16. High Pressure


Are we put under too much pressure to meet the standards set by society?

17. Apple


What does an apple signify to you?

18. Rooted Again


When was the last time you actually played a game with another human in person?

19. Grow Your Own: Town


What makes society grow?

20. Working Together


Do you get on with your colleagues? Many employees no doubt have some sort of friction in the workplace.

Images: John Holcroft

Featured photo credit: John Holcroft via

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