Nowadays, C.S. Lewis is popularly known for The Chronicles of Narnia series. What many of us don’t know is that when he was young, he was an atheist. After sometime though, he would be interested with the Bible, find his faith, and eventually become one of the most important Christian authors of the 20th century. It’s sad, but true. Many kids don’t know that the characters of Narnia were inspired by the Bible. Aslan, the kingly lion was Jesus? How cool is that?

When Christianity is mentioned, the subject of love will naturally spring out, one way or another. As a big chunk of the world’s population know, love is one of the main topics of the Bible, and the cartoon presented here will help you acquire a deeper understanding of love. Let me put it another way, it will help you see love with mature eyes. Perhaps it can even show you a way to have a love life that is a bliss, instead of a burden.

Words: C.S. Lewis

Artwork: Gavin Aung Than

CS Lewis_To love at all

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