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If you’re consistently prowling the web to find great content, like me, stop over at the Frantic Industries weblog. Frantic Industries recently published a list of the 40 most popular weblogs according to FeedBurner. In case you miss us, is rolling in at number 18.

FeedBurner is a popular RSS feed manager, with over 600.000 feeds in their roster. One of the advantages it offers is tracking the statistics for your RSS feed usage. Publishers can also choose to go public with this data, and many of them are displaying the number of their RSS subscribers, according to FeedBurner, on their site.

Bear in mind that this list is obtained in completely unscientific ways, as I simply checked out the number of RSS subscribers for blogs I know to be very popular (over 500 of them) and who have their RSS subscriber number public, and created the list from those numbers. I might have (and probably did) miss some.

Top 40 sites according to FeedBurner – [Frantic Industries]

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