Telling stories is innate in human beings. We love tales that relate to our pains and aches. We love sharing chronicles that can inspire us to accomplish goals we do not even dare of dreaming. Thanks to the compelling stories we read in books. They drive us to venture into the unknown.

Moreover, books are an integral part of our journey as a race. Even now that everything is turning digital, we can’t deny the fact, that the printed word, the ones in magazines, dailies and books, are the recorded history of mankind. Why is this a natural consequence of our character? It’s because reading and learning are a necessary act of the intelligent being that resides in each of us. It’s as ingrained in our DNA as eating, drinking and breathing.

Unsurprisingly, when I was given the opportunity to write about this piece, my fellow writers felt the pangs of jealousy. This laborious work of research for the information gathered here is vitally important for me, you, and humanity as a whole. Go explore the chart designed by datadial, produced by, via Visually.



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