Texts That Can Get You into Trouble


Texting with the opposite sex can have a lot of advantages, but there are some pitfalls that men need to watch out for if they want to maintain cordial relationships with potential partners. This comprehensive list by The Modern Man helps to understand where things might go wrong and how to fix them.

1. Texting itself – sometimes texting in itself can be a troublesome thing if a woman thinks you are lacking the confidence to call or meet with them face to face.
2. Childish writing – even if you are busy and trying to be efficient, writing like a small child or with immature slang can end up being a huge turn off. Try to avoid this if at all possible
3. Consistent contact – trying to text and talk with women consistently can be a huge turn off as it shows that there is a sense of desperation.
4. Bombarding with texts – many guys who never get a reply from a woman will continue to bombard her with messages. Don’t do this!
5. Tacky texts – while confidence is key, being too arrogant or physically oriented with pictures and verbiage can be a huge problem as well.

Original source – Terrible Texts That Turn Women Off [The Modern Man]

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