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This Story About Two Grains Will Make You Take The First Step To Achieving Your Dreams

Do you have a dream? If you have one, are you taking any actions to achieve your dream or are you just having it in your head? Here’s a story about two grains which will get you to rethink your life.

Two grains were lying side by side on the fertile soil. The first grain said: “I want to grow up ! I want to put down roots deep into the ground and sprout from the ground. I dream to blossom in delicate buds and proclaim the coming of spring. I want to feel the warm rays of sun and the dew drops on my petals!”.

This grain grew up and became a beautiful flower.

The second grain said: “I’m afraid. If I will put down my roots into the ground, I don’t know what they will face there. If I will grow tender stems, they can be damaged by wind. And if there will be flowers , they may be disrupted . So I’d rather wait for the safer time.

The second grain was waiting, while the chicken that passed by pecked it.

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The story is easy to understand, right? If you have your dream in your mind, do something with it. The first small step you take will make a great difference. If you just wait for the perfect condition and keep worrying about what obstacles you may face, you’ll end up doing nothing and your dream will die.

Stop killing your dream! Believe in yourself and take your very first step, even though it’s a tiny little step!

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