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Self-Compassion: Here's Why Science Says We Need More of It

When I say self-compassion, what do those words mean to you? We as human beings would probably all say that compassion in any form is an important and wonderful thing to feel and express. As small children we often are curious, and that curiosity often leads us to making mistakes. Yet, more often than not, once we make those mistakes, we don’t latch onto them. We let them go. We’re too busy to pay them any mind because we’re out there exploring the world. So much of that changes in adulthood.

In adulthood, we learn about the consequences we have to pay for our actions, good and bad. We all want to do good things with our lives, but mistakes happen. Sometimes, when these mistakes happen, it’s hard to let them go, even though letting go is the appropriate course of action for things we can’t exactly change and repentance is it’s own punishment. It makes no logical sense to be ones own bully, but we do it to ourselves every day, despite the fact we know ourselves intimately and ought to be our own personal best friend to ourselves.

A recent infographic created by Happify Daily, attached below, sheds light on why we treat ourselves this way and sometimes have negative internal dialogue with ourselves. It also gives suggestions on why you should be kinder to yourself and show yourself a little bit more love!

Be kind to yourself. Even when you’re busy not loving yourself, I guarantee you someone is missing you and loves you. Make yourself the promise that you will honor and cherish your unique existence, your unique flaws, quirks, and love yourself.

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