In the year 1900 there were 2000 millionaires in all of the US. The year 2000 produced 5 million millionaires. There’s an increase of 1000 times from the records of the year 1900’s. And the good news is Brian Tracy believes that in the coming years more and more people will become millionaires.

I hope one of those people will be you. There’s a big chance for this to happen. Why? Watch Brian’s video after this short introduction so you will know the answer. For all you know, this could be the video that will change your life forever. Well, you’ll never know unless you watch it, right?

Before I give you the video, it’s best to know — many of the self-made millionaires started from scratch. But, their circumstances and limitations did not stop them from reaching their goals. This video which inspired millions was produced by Better Life Media. Presenting to you, Brain Tracy…


This year, the holiday season is different for me, and many of the people I know. Times are tough. How Cherishing Experiences Can Make You (Feel Like) a Millionaire



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