If the scars we receive from verbal abuse where as noticeable as those we suffer from physical abuse, would it be taken more seriously? That is one of the many questions raised when viewing photographer Richard Johnson’s newest photo project “Weapon Of Choice” in which a make-up artist has embedded hateful words inside violent bruises and in the form of harrowing scars.

Johnson told The Huffington Post: “I think the overall goal [of Weapon of Choice], in my view, would be to shine a light on the fact that, when we’re focusing on bullying as a society, we focus on actual physical abuse. It gets a lot of attention when a father abuses his son, daughter or wife, but I think the issue goes back deeper. Before they actually choose to put their hands on someone, there’s more verbal abuse leading up to it.”

Warning: These photographs contain violent words and imagery that you may find disturbing.
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You can see the entire range of photographs at: Weapon Of Choice | Hurt Words

Featured photo credit: Weapon Of Choice | Hurt Words via hurtwords.com

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