Perfect Lesson for How to Look at Life when you Think it's Unfair



Now, Louis C.K may not be where you usually expect to find a lot of wisdom – that is, if you’re not a fan of his in which case come over to mine and we’ll marathon Louie together; it’s hilarious. Louis brings up an excellent point here though, how many times have you heard others say or said to somebody else “that’s so unfair!”. It probably was, but that’s life and one of the prices you have to pay to live in society amongst other people.

It’s quite surprising that so many people are baffled by unfairness, of course if you experience more of an injustice than by all means fight your corner, but unfairness is common. And hey, sometimes you’ll come out better for it.

“Louie,” Season 2, Episode 1: “Pregnant.” 

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