People Dressed up Homeless Aren't Even Recognised by their Loved Ones. Stunning

Picture this: You’re walking along a sidewalk, and there is a homeless person sitting on the ground. As you pass by, you don’t make eye contact and barely look the person’s way. If later asked to describe that homeless person, you probably wouldn’t even be able to remember what color their hair was or the color of their shirt, let alone their gender.

Is this a correct assumption?

Well, according to this YouTube video from the New York Rescue Mission, this is an everyday reality. Apparently, seeing homeless people along a sidewalk is so common that even family members aren’t recognized by their close relatives. Why? Because they didn’t pay attention – some didn’t even take the time to look their way. Just take a look for yourself below.

The video definitely poses an interesting question: Have the Homeless Become Invisible? If put into a similar situation, do you think you would recognize some of your own relatives? Are the results of this experience enough to prove that homeless people are indeed ignored by the general public? You be the judge.

Regardless, after watching this video hopefully you’ll be more aware of those all around you – especially the homeless. You never know whom you’ll meet or how they’ll impact your life.

Have the Homeless Become Invisible | YouTube

Featured photo credit: New York Rescue Mission via

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