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InterviewTrue is a Web site that allows you to do mock interviews with a virtual interviewer. Here’s how it works. You get a webcam and connect to the site (it requires a Microsoft operating system and Internet Explorer), then a virtual interviewer asks you interview questions, and your responses and body language are recorded with your webcam.

When the interview is over you can replay the interview and analyze your body language (to see if you unknowingly do anything strange), and InterviewTrue will send you a transcript of the interview. Having the transcript allows you to analyze the quality of your responses, and to see exactly how many times you said “uh,” “ah,” or “um.”

The only way to become a better interviewer is to actually practice. If you can’t find someone to ask you sample interview questions and give candid feedback, InterviewTrue looks like a great alternative.

InterviewTrue produces and markets a low-cost Online Interviewing System™ (OIS) that greatly enhances the preparedness, communication ability, screening and assessment process of candidates in multiple environments. InterviewTrue is creating a NEW STANDARD in the interview and recruitment process. InterviewTrue is the new leader in practice interviewing, and virtual interview assessment and screening software solutions.

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