It’s Valentine’s Day today. A special day to spend with your sweetheart; with the love of your life. If you’re single, it’s a day to spend with loved ones and your dearest friends.

Heart’s Day can be spent anywhere; however, there are places where you can sense and feel romantic love the most. Seemingly, they were especially created as perfect settings for Valentine’s day. Indeed, some places are meant to delight lovers to the hilt. Just being in these places spells sweet romance. You know what I mean. It’s when you look at your lover’s eyes, feel like you’ve just been hit with cupid’s arrow, and the next thing you know… everything you see is a BIG RED HEART.

What are those places? We can start with the ‘city of love’ — Paris. This romantic city of France offers lovers a chance to experience a kiss to remember along the river Seine. Next, we go to Venice. Hurry, grab a bottle of champaigne, let’s go gondola riding and enjoy the endless maze of channels in this historical city of Italy. I’d love to tell you more, but I will allow the graphic to do its magic, instead.

A Valentine’s Day Guide for Wandering Hearts | Wood + Sea Co.


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