My heart bleeds for this talented Filipino guy named Bryson Andres. He should not be performing in the streets! Anyway, when I saw his video, I instinctively know he will perform prestigious venues someday. Why?

Just by performing (Even if his stage is the streets), he teaches life lessons we can all learn from.

Creativity is a huge factor that can make you world class. His creativity shines in this performance. Since he is alone, he uses technology–he enlists the help of a loop gadget to record and play his accompaniment in real time as he performs–to compliment his act. The accompaniment was not prerecorded either and he uses the gadget as a musical instrument. Only a few can get away with this skill. He is truly world class!

Ingenuity can enhance your life. He utilizes the fingerboard of his violin as a premium percussion instrument to spice up his musical piece with beats. This enhances his gig, career, and of course his life as a whole.

Persistence will help you reach your goals. With the emotions he triggers with his music, there’s no denying he persistently practices every day; I surmise, for hours. He wouldn’t be able to perform impressively if he doesn’t practice as though his life depends on it. If he continues, there’s no doubt, pretty soon we’ll see him in a worldwide arena.

Passion spells the difference. On the first note, passion naturally radiates from his performance. I play the guitar, the piano, write my own songs, and have played with bands in the past. I know when a musician has passion in his heart based on how he plays. Besides, you can hear it from the music that emanates from him.

Finally, coordinating all these bits and pieces to create a masterpiece is pure genius.

Featured photo credit: You won’t believe what this street musician can do/When in Manila via

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