While there are plenty of things to be positive about in life, it can still be hard to keep your chin up every day, especially when bad things. If you need a little help staying positive though, you might consider writing. The practice can cheer you up and help you cope when things are going badly in many different ways.

For example, writing down your worries can help you calm down and increase your performance. Alternatively, writing down good things that happen and things that you look forward to can help improve your outlook during difficult times in your life. So remember, if you’re feeling good, write down your positive memories. If you’re feeling bad, write down a list of things you’re looking forward to or the things that are worrying you.

1) Write down your worries

2) Write down the good things that happen

3) Write down the things you’re looking forward to

Is Writing the Best Way to Reduce Worry and Keep Staying Positive | Barking Up The Wrong Tree

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