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How To Write The Right Email Subject Line

How To Write The Right Email Subject Line

Etiquette aside
, first and foremost you should be writing subject lines in your emails to do certain things. Write too little and your email might get lost in your recipient’s clutter, write too much and you defeat the purpose of the subject line.

Cranking Widgets has a few tips; probably the most important being that you actually write a subject for every email.

Basically, use a keyword from one of these 4 categories to immediately identify what type of message it is. Personally, I like “Question“,”Response“,”FYI” and “Spam“. This makes it very easy to quickly skim the inbox (or, better yet, sort it) and pick out which stuff needs to be acted upon. Very GTD-ish, eh?

Have your own tips? Please share.

How to Construct the Perfect Email Subject Line – [CrankingWidgetsBlog]

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