How to Write Something Worth Reading

How to Write Something Worth Reading

Competition is high on the internet, due almost entirely on volume. So having your writing stand out is no easy task. PickTheBrain runs through five simple steps that should put you in the right direction.

1. You write what you read.
Stop reading the same meaningless, repetitive writing everyone else reads. Quality of output directly correlates to quality of input.

2. Avoid balanced views.
When forming an opinion, it is necessary to consider the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives and select the most correct.

3. Style is king.
The hearts and minds of readers are won, not by judicious argument, but by force of personality.

4. Unleash your noble scorn.
Prose writing is most effective when used to expose injustice and unravel misconceptions. Channel your anger and frustration into passionate writing.

5. Passion.
Passion is the one quality essential to powerful writing. Writing without passion is a sailboat without wind.

How to Write Something Worth Reading – [PickTheBrain]

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