How To Write A Book In 60 Days

Budding novelists or professional writers alike, the most difficult part of putting a book together is probably commitment. However long you take, if you set the goal and the right time frame, things could actually become complete.

This article from LifeLearningToday talks about setting that time frame and how to write the book within it. From planning your fiction or non-fiction novel to writing it every day and getting it published, some great ideas are listed to help you out.

Example: Let’s say you commit to 2 hours per day and you’re able to write 3 pages per hour. To write an average length book of 300 pages will take 50 days. ( 300 pages per day /6 pages per hour= 50 days)

How to Write a Book in 60 Days or Less – [LifeLearningToday]

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