How To Make The Right Friends At Work

In any large workplace there are people you should get to know to make your life easier. You may not realize it, but a good relationship with the receptionist and your IT department could change things dramatically at work.

IT Support:

DO: Make friends and really stroke his/her ego. Let’s face it, he is a techy type and may not have the greatest of social skills (may not), but he is smart and likes it when you tell him so. The key here is be his buddy and flatter him. “What would I do without you? You saved my documents.” Trust me, when you have an email problem, suddenly you’ll go to the front of the list ahead your boss. Only IT knows whose complaint came in first and if you’re likable, you can cut the line.

DON’T: Do not call him multiple times with the same problem and try to cover it up with chit chat. He knows why you’re calling when you’ve got a tech problem and it’s not discuss your date last night. In fact, he likely resents your calls and drop by’s that are merely fake friend visits meant to mask what you really want. He may even get annoyed and push you further down the list.

Make Friends at the Office Who Really Count – [Wired]

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