How to Handle the Silent Treatment


I think most all of us have, at some point in our careers, had a difficult relationship with a supervisor. While some supervisors are motivating, reliable, and well-intentioned, some supervisors can be close-minded, reserved, and difficult to communicate with. Kayleen Schaefer from the College Journal addresses the question “What to do when a boss gives you the silent treatment?”

Question: My boss doesn’t communicate with me. I sit three feet away, and she e-mails me about everything. I admire her drive, but she doesn’t include me in meetings or have confidence in me to do things. The company’s owner asked if he could get us an assistant and have me take on more responsibility. She said no. How should I handle this?

Answer: While your boss may be focused and hardworking — on paper, an ideal employee — it doesn’t seem like she’s doing her job. A big part of being a manager, and one that is often overlooked while a company is busy churning out widgets, is to develop relationships with the employees who work for them…

Kayleen’s answer is much more in depth than the snippet shown above, be sure to follow the link through and let us know if you’ve ever been in a similar situation. How did you handle it?

When a Boss Gives You The Silent Treatment – [College Journal]

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