How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying


A smart productivity blogger, Scott H Young, shows you a way on getting good marks on your final exams without studying? Sounds like a pipe dream? He proves it is not.

He states there is a learning style called holistic learning, which is an opposite approach to learning by memorizing and practicing by repetition and force (compartmentalized learning):

Holistic learning takes an opposite approach. Learning holistically is not done by trying to remember information by using repetition and force. Holistic learners instead organize their minds like spider webs. Every piece of information is a single point. That point is then consciously related to tons of other points on the web. There are no boxes with this form of learning. Science becomes literature which becomes economics. Subject distinctions may help when going to class, but a holistic learner never sees things in a box.

When it comes time for exams (or any practical application for your knowledge) compartmentalized learners have to hope that they pounded the information hard enough into their head so it might come up during the exam. Holistic learners do the opposite. Holistic learners only need to start at one point on their web, but they can use that web to feel around and find all the associated information they need.

In the article, he also provides 5 suggestions to maximize your holistic learning: Ask Questions; Visualize and Diagram; Use Metaphors; Feel It; and When in Doubt, Link or Peg It.

When I come down to learning, I improve my speed of learning by summaries and diagrams. Also Mind Map is a method that helped me a lot on absorbing information.


How to Ace Your Finals Without Studying – [Scott H Young]

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