How the Digital Age Has Shaped Communication Management


The digital age is rapidly changing communications management in astronomical ways. Everything is digitized now. All businesses are online, and each of them use social media for all kinds of communication. Come to think of it, the latest statistics show 87% increase in the use of social media platforms. It is believed that this number will increase in the next 5 years.

I was awed with another number. The huge figure representing adults who went online in the US in 2012 — It’s 84%! Furthermore, 52% of companies use social media to connect and communicate with customers.

This only means one thing — the way business communicates with the customer has changed forever. When a company needs to engage its market, it sends tweets, or create eye catching statuses on facebook. If it needs to expound on matters i.e. updates, imporant develoments, or new product launches, and social media limits the execution, then they can blog about them on their sites.


Original Source: USC’s Online Communications Degree

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