If you had to, could you tell whether someone was genuinely smiling or just faking? I like to think I could, but in reality I’m not so sure. Fortunately, the team over at Youtube channel Meen Fried Chicken Curry have created a video that will help you figure out whether a smile is really genuine, or completely fake. My favourite part of this video has to be the face at 0:59…

“A genuine smile will make your cheeks go up, there’ll be wrinkles around your eyes, the ends of your eyebrows will dip slightly.”

So, why is this important? Well, it’s incredibly useful to be able to tell whether they are being truthful with their body language and facial expressions. Do they really think your joke is funny or are they trying to hdd a grimace? Now you’ll know!

What Is A Fake Smile? | Meed Fried Chicken Curry

Featured photo credit: What Is A Fake Smile? | Meed Fried Chicken Curry via youtube.com

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