Even if you really love your job and your home life, you can still end up in a rut sometimes just by growing tired of the same routine day in and day out. Our brains crave excitement and if you do the same thing every day, you should try to shake up your routine in order to experience something out of the ordinary here and there.

Pick the Brain has a great article on how to shake up your life and while all four of the tips are fantastic, the last suggestion to “change up your routine” is particularly useful and easy for everyone to do. Research has shown that even driving home a different route or brushing your teeth with the opposite hand can engage your brain and strengthen your memory.

Whether you are tying to get back on track or are just getting on the track, this list of 101 Ways to Break Free and Level Up Your Life has got some real gems in it: 101 Ways to Break Free and Level Up Your Life

Set a goal for yourself

"I'll save at least one third of my earnings to do something big."

Add To My Goal
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