Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feeling. When in love, everything around us turns beautiful. There’s music in the air, a spring in our step & we even smile at strangers in the street. But, sometimes love doesn’t last. People fall apart for various reasons, resulting in heartbreaks. Suddenly, the music stops playing, we feel down in the dumps and it takes an effort to even smile. When heartbreaks happen, we shut ourselves to the world outside; lest we get our hearts trampled upon again.

But, the best way to mend a broken heart is to pick up the pieces and move on. For, the right person may be just round the corner. Zen Pencils illustrates the point beautifully in this post.

Love What advice do you have on dealing with heartbreaks? Do leave your comments and if you liked this post, please share it.

Featured photo credit: VIKTOR HANACEK via goo.gl

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