How Not To Be ‘That Guy’ At Your New Job

By ‘that guy’ I’m referring to the eager, know-it-all guy who comes into a new job and points out all the things everyone is doing wrong and puts his two cents into every conversation and observation.

This, generally, isn’t good first day practice.

Business Week suggests biting your tounge and just observe to begin with, then develop some conversations with the right people on areas you see issues with.

There’s no doubt that every organization has a few best practices to share. As the new kid on the block, you can share what you’ve learned elsewhere and make a real contribution to your new employer’s operations. But if you lend that expertise in such a way that people roll their eyes and drift away when you enter a conversation, you’re not helping anyone—even worse, you’re setting yourself up to have negative credibility with your peers.

How Not to Be the Obnoxious Newcomer – [BusinessWeek]

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